“Look For” vs. “Find”: What’s the Difference?

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The difference between “look for” and “find”

  • "Look for" emphasizes the active process of searching or seeking, whereas "find" focuses on the outcome or result of successfully discovering or encountering something.
  • One can unintentionally find something but cannot unintentionally look for something; looking for something is always intentional.
  • "Look for" emphasizes the intentional effort and attention involved in searching, while "find" highlights the moment of realization or awareness upon encountering the desired object or information.
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What is the definition of “look for” and “find”?

Look for
  • "Look for" is a verb phrase that means to actively search, seek, or try to find something or someone.
  • It involves directing one's attention, effort, or senses toward locating a particular object, person, or information.
  • "Look for" implies an intentional and purposeful pursuit, often driven by a desire or need to find or obtain something specific.
  • "Find" is a verb that means to discover, locate, or come across something that was previously unknown, lost, or hidden.
  • It implies successfully encountering or acquiring something, often through a search or exploration process.
  • "Find" suggests the act of uncovering or identifying something, resulting in a realization or awareness of its existence or presence.

Which is the more popular variant on the Internet?

“Find” is the more popular variant on the web.
Look for
932,000,000 results on the web
  1. Look for your keys before you leave the house.
  2. I will look for a new job next month.
  3. Let's ask the store clerk to look for a specific product for us.
More popular
12,360,000,000 results on the web
  1. Did you find your phone yesterday?
  2. We managed to find a cheap flight to Europe.
  3. I always find it difficult to wake up early in the morning.
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