“Okay, Will Do” vs. “Okay, Will Do Accordingly”: What’s the Difference?

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The difference between “okay, will do” and “okay, will do accordingly”

  • "Okay, will do" is a more generic response, while "Okay, will do accordingly" suggests a need for clarification or specificity.
  • "Okay, will do accordingly" may indicate a greater attention to detail and a desire to ensure that the task is completed correctly.
  • "Okay, will do" can sometimes be used as a way to dismiss a request quickly, while "Okay, will do accordingly" often suggests a more careful and thoughtful approach to completing the task.
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What is the definition of “okay, will do” and “okay, will do accordingly”?

Okay, will do
  • It is a response indicating that one has understood and agreed to complete a task.
  • It may imply a sense of casual agreement without any additional context or details.
  • It is a concise and straightforward expression used to acknowledge a request or command.
Okay, will do accordingly
  • It is a response indicating that one will complete a task in a manner that aligns with specific instructions or guidelines.
  • It may suggest a need for additional context or details regarding the task.
  • It is a slightly more formal expression used to indicate that one has carefully considered the request and will adhere to any specified requirements.

Which is the more popular variant on the Internet?

“Okay, will do” is the more popular variant on the web.
More popular
Okay, will do
267,000 results on the web
  1. Boss: "Please submit the report by tomorrow." You: "Okay, will do."
  2. Friend: "Can you pick up some groceries for me?" You: "Sure, I'll do it. Okay, will do."
  3. Teacher: "Remember to complete the assignment by Friday." You: "Got it, okay, will do."
Okay, will do accordingly
5,070 results on the web
  1. Manager: "Please handle the client's request with extra care and follow the protocol." You: "Noted, okay, will do accordingly."
  2. Project Manager: "Adapt the project timeline to accommodate the new client's requested changes." You: "Okay, will do accordingly."
  3. Supervisor: "Handle the customer's request by providing detailed instructions for product usage." You: "Okay, will do accordingly."
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