We aspire for a world
where people can
communicate freely

a boy is typing in front of the computer

Our story

We hope non-native
write more
naturally in English
with Engram

It’s extremely challenging to study or work in a second language. Our founders knew this from firsthand experience. So, in 2021, they created Engram, an AI-powered grammar checker and paraphraser optimized for non-native speakers. We hope to help our global community of English users communicate more freely and achieve academic and professional success.
August 2018Established Data B Co., Ltd.
June 2021Won 3rd place at
Hana Ventures Start-up Competition
October 2021Launched AI-powered English proofreader
September 2022Won 4th place at Try Everything 2022
January 2023Changed the service name from
“Pcanpi” to “Engram”

Brand story

Why is our name Engram?


En is the international two-letter code for the English language.
iso ENGLISH letters


gram stands for grammar and our commitment to superior accuracy.
GRAMMAR letters


gram also means as light as a feather, because using English shouldn’t feel like a burden.
ENGLISH LIKE A FEATHER letters with feather illust