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With Engram's online AI-powered paraphrasing tool, be confident in the accuracy, fluency and appropriateness of your rephrase. Paraphrase your way into success.

Why use Engram's
paraphrasing tool?

Accuracy and fluency

Engram consistently evaluates its tools to ensure that its AI tool isn’t just a word changer, but a rewriter which ensures that its rewrites are fluent and accurate in meaning.
Paraphrasing accuracy (%)
Maintains the original meaning
Sounds natural

Appropriateness and stylistic choice

Each word in your rephrase matters when it comes to matters of eloquence. With Engram PREMIUM, you can use the AI rephrase tool's 7 different Styles to add your own flair to your rewrites.
• Standard
Rewrites texts for work and everyday use
• Formal
Ensures texts maintain professionalism and eloquence
• Academic
Adds a scholastic and sophisticated tone to your texts
• Casual
Repurposes the texts for day-to-day conversation
• Shorter
Condenses texts for presentations, briefs and emails
• Longer
Makes your texts more explanatory by providing more detail
• Easier
Presents more easily understandable texts

Better than Chat GPT

Why spend time on Chat GPT worrying about writing prompts and hallucinations? Engram’s AI rephraser promptly generates rewrites that are hallucination-free. With Engram’s paraphrasing tool, you don’t just sound smarter, you are being smart.

Quick and easy-to-use interface

  • Ad free: We have removed all ads on our website, as the focus should solely be on your rewrites and rephrases. This also ensures that we are intentional in delivering an effective paraphrasing tool to you.
  • An easy and fluid user interface: Our interface is easy-to-use, and has a color scheme that is both intuitive and instructional.
  • Instant suggestions: The suggestions are instantaneous, and are quick to accept, copy and paste into your own document.

Who can use Engram's paraphrasing tool?

Anyone who wants to reword their sentences, but more specifically…
For ESL students, or students who use English in their academic career. Enhance your academic writing by turning the same idea into a variety of different, but eloquent, rewrites with our paraphrasing tool.
Working professionals
Stuck on the specificities of that business email? Fret not. Express your thoughts in a clear, concise manner with our paraphrasing tool. With Engram, effective communication is just a click away.
As an educator, you need to show accuracy in both the assignments and your grading. Engram is here to ensure that you provide only the best education materials to your students.
Say bye to those long hours of half-hearted attempts at rewrites. Write with purpose and efficiency with Engram, and watch your words turn effortlessly into precise and articulate statements.

How to use Engram's paraphrasing tool

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Engram's AI paraphrasing tool FAQs

What does it mean to paraphrase?
As a verb, to paraphrase means to rephrase or restate a given text in different words while retaining the original meaning. It involves expressing ideas in a new way, often to enhance clarity or meet specific requirements without copying the exact wording. A paraphrasing tool is a sentence and paragraph rewriter that rewords and rephrases your texts with a click of a button.
Is it plagiarism to paraphrase?
Paraphrases are not plagiarism if done properly. It involves rephrasing content in one's own words while maintaining the original meaning. However, improper paraphrases without proper citation or close resemblance to the original text can be considered plagiarism.
What is the difference between a paraphrase and a summary?
A paraphrase rephrases a specific passage or text in different words while retaining its original meaning. On the other hand, a summary condenses the main points of a longer text, presenting a brief overview without including the specific wording of the original content.

Engram's AI writing tools

Grammar checker
Engram’s grammar checker is designed to catch grammar errors that our competitors miss. As a tool that’s been optimized for non-native speakers, Engram’s algorithm is designed to spot even the smallest errors, ensuring that your rewrites are flawless. 
Paraphrasing tool
Engram’s paraphrasing tool is the best text, sentence and paragraph rewriter in the industry. Our blind evaluations conducted by human linguists consistently show that Engram’s rewrites are unbeatable.
Engram’s translator translates five languages, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and French, into English. Our translator utilizes the Large Language Model (LLM), specifically optimized for generating fluent English sentences, to produce these translations.

The importance of proper

Engram takes pride in not only upholding the quality of our products but also ensuring that our users are well-versed in the nuances of proper English, including grammar rules, idiomatic expressions and more. Visit our blog to be one step closer to mastering English.
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