Engram is an all-in-one AI writing
equipped to play the roles
of both a teacher
and an
assistant to educators.

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Enhance your productivity and
elevate the
accuracy of your
teaching resources with Engram

Grammar checker
Grammar checker
Review and correct all grammatical errors for flawless writing
Fine-tune your writing to create high quality and compelling rewrites
Get your points across in English in a quick and eloquent manner

Engram is already trusted and
upon by many teachers
and parents.

English teacher
English teacher
When using the grammar checker, I found Engram's suggestions and corresponding examples extremely helpful in creating more precise and fluent phrases. English composition demands a lot of time and effort, but the process becomes considerably easier with Engram's intuitive and seamless AI tools. With all these benefits, Engram’s has become a must in my classes.
Parent of an ESL student
Parent of an ESL student
I am very grateful for Engram, a tool I didn’t know I had needed in my life as a parent. My children have started to write daily English journals, and my limited proficiency in the language had prevented me from helping them. Now, with Engram, I am ready to encourage my children to be more creative in their English expressions.

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