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Engram AI Resume Builder FAQ

  1. Who should use the Engram resume builder?
  2. The AI resume builder is for non-native English-speaking students, professionals, and others who are seeking jobs in English-speaking companies or international corporations.
  3. Why use the resume builder?
  4. The AI resume builder can help you find the right words for your resume to better convey your accomplishments, and it can also incorporate job-specific jargon that is tailored to your industry. It can also make your resume writing more productive by reducing the amount of time you spend drafting.
  5. How do I use the AI resume builder?
  6. If you have an unfinished resume, copy and paste its contents into the resume builder. Then click the Generate button to create a resume draft. If you don't have an existing resume, create one by entering the names of the jobs you've held along with simple job descriptions. A resume draft will be generated that matches your input.
  7. What should I keep in mind when using the AI resume builder?
  8. The resume draft serves as starting point and should be customized to accurately represent your skills and accomplishments.
  9. What if I have questions or suggestions about the AI resume builder?
  10. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at